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Roundflash Ring

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Lightweight & Portable

Its almost unnoticeable weight of just 299g (11oz) and the lack of any power supply make the RoundFlash™ the best portable ring light choice.

  • Net weight 299g / 11 oz
  • Pouch dimension 20cm x 16 cm /8" x 6"
  • No power supply

Shadowless Lighting

Huge ring of light sorrounds the lens and produces beautiful shadowless pictures.

  • Very even light distribution
  • Diameter 45cm \ 17 3/4"
  • Weight 313 \ 11oz


Due its adjustable lens & flash mounts, the RoundFlash™ Ring fits most popular DSLR combos.

  • Lens diameter up to 10cm \ 4"
  • Stable vertical & horizontal use
  • No extra power supply

Roundflash Dish

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Lightweight & Portable

Its almost unnoticeable weight of just 181g ( 6 1/2 oz ) and the unique 5-seconds set-up system make the RoundFlash™ Dish the best portable soft light choice.

  • Weight w. pouch 181g \ 6 1/2 oz
  • Pouch dimension 18cm x 16cm \ 7" x 6"

White circle of beauty

Even & relative soft light circle ensures a beautiful light for your model .

  • Very even light distribution
  • Circle of light
  • Diameter 45cm \ 17 3/4"


The double adjustable flash mount fits directly most of the popular flash guns without any additional stuff needed.

  • Fast 5-seconds setup system
  • Direct fixing on most flash guns
  • Weight 155g \ 5 1/2 oz

The pictures from the RoundFlash™ Group on Flickriver.

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