the collapsible ringflash diffuser for DSLR with additional hot shoe flash :)

RoundFlash™ - the soft choice

Use your flash gun as a ring flash, soften the shadows with RoundFlash™ as a fill-in light, get unique catchlights in your model’s eyes, take shadowless product photos and more...

shadowless lighting on location

Take the soft ring light with you anywhere you want. You can use it on location, in the studio or elsewhere. It's collapsible, ultra lightweight, cordless and fits in every photo-bag.

flash / RoundFlash™

Huge surface of even and smooth light surrounds the lens completely and produces virtually shadowless pictures. The deep shadows and harsh light simply disappear. Bare flash on the left / RoundFlash™ on the right. marionette_by_Bea_Ihnatowicz

full & even circle of light

RoundFlash™ delivers top quality ring flash effect due to its full and even circle of light. The inner diffuser assures the correct light distribution and eliminates any hotspots on the front panel.

Why RoundFlash™

Lightweight & portable

Its almost unnoticeable weight of just 299g (11oz) and the lack of any power supply make the RoundFlash™ the best portable ring light choice.

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Shadowless lighting

The large diameter allows you to light objects with a big, round, smooth ring light. The light from a powerful hot-shoe flash bounces of the mirrors and surfaces inside to create an evenly lit front panel.

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Ring flash diffuser

All you need is the gear you already have. Use your powerful speedlight as a ring flash! Without any cables, brackets, even without a power supply. Just attach your RoundFlash™.

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One-fits-most flashes

The universal attachment holds the flash securely in the right position in both landscape and portrait orientations.

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One-fits-most lenses

A star-shaped stretchy rope ensures your RoundFlash™ is centered and allows you to adjust it if needed. Once it’s mounted, it holds all lenses with the front diameter of up to 10cm/4".

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Magnetic set-up system

The brand new patent pending magnetic set-up system lets you to prepare the RoundFlash™ in a few seconds and due to the solid construction the collapsing goes almost automatic.

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Your words

RoundFlash ring flash adapter is an exciting lighting accessory for your flash. It is smartly designed and well-implemented. It delivers the unique look of a ring light but produces softer shadows.
the roundflash is really a great product for a fair price! I'm a fan!!!! keep it up! Marc, Switzerland
I feel that it delivers the softest light output: even softer than the Orbis. Portrait photographers will really appreciate this. Chris Gampat -
Mir ist dieses weiche Licht das Geld wert. Robert Kneschke
I got my RoundFlash and it seems to be very well made and hi-quality! Thanks for the fast shipping also! Vesku, Finland
First impression: *Excellent* Quality! Really well done! Juergen, Germany
This is so cool. Portable, lightweight, and a universal fit to any camera/lens/flash combo. This is exactly what I've been looking for, and what other ringflash adaptors have failed to deliver on. 3cheesejam
I love my roundflash! John Keel, USA
such a simple concept why has it not been done before now? Jayesunn
It is amazing! A photography dream came true! Nestor / Florida

Main specs

  • Weight 299 g 11 oz
  • Diameter 45 cm 17,7 inch
  • Performance F/ 16* ISO 400 1m/3,3ft

'How to' video