What's all about...

Whether it is harsh or soft, direct or diffused, light is always the key to a picture. In many photographic situations, there is a need to light a model or object from the lens' direction, as close to the lens axis as possible. This can be done for many different reasons, which include:
- shadowless front lighting,
- brightening the shadows made by other key lights,
- getting specific catchlights in the models' eyes or particular reflections in the scene.
One of the solutions is a ringflash, available in different variations:
- You take a regular ringflash, connected with a cord to a power supplier and with another cord to the wall. This is powerful, but heavy and expensive.
- You work with a macro ringflash, connected to your camera with a cable. Easier, but the light is harsh because of the flash's small dimensions.
- You use your speedlight that you already own, with an adapter. There are a few adapters on the market: some are ring-shaped, but the light is not smooth or round; another one would require you to use three hands and a cable to operate it, and all of the components are rigid plastic.

There is an alternative.
The RoundFlash™ -something you've never seen before.

The ringflash adapter for SLR & DSLR speedlites.
RoundFlash™ is designed to give the best ringflash effect possible. Its sizeable diameter allows you to lighten objects with big, round, smooth flash light. It produces shadowless, impressive pictures. The light from a powerful hot-shoe flash gun reflects due to the mirrors and other elements on the inside, and comes out very evenly on the front pannel.

Easy to use.
After you have set up the RoundFlash™ by unfolding five magnetic carbon fiber rods, it takes a few seconds to activate it with two moves on the camera. Both hands are free to operate the camera and the lens when you shoot. Its ultra-lightweight construction and soft mount eliminate any risk of damaging or scratching the lens or flash unit. With some lenses, the lens hood or a step-up ring helps to keep the RoundFlash™ up.
You can still gel your flash.
And you can of course still use the TTL mode.

It provides both quality light and power.
RoundFlash™ was created as a perfect tool for portraits and still pictures. The point was to design a diffuser which shapes light in a smooth, round ring and stays powerful enough to allow making shots in a portrait distance. Of course, the most powerful diffuser is ..."no-diffuser" and the most perfect ringflash effect ensures a regular ringflash. But if you don't want to carry too many pounds or money, and you still want to make ring-shots, a RoundFlash™ is the right choice.
It delivers the best light quality and shape among all ringflash diffusers. It is the lightest and the biggest too.
It is for you :)