Diameter 45cm / 17,7"

( 1200 cm2 of light )

Its fair sise 1 make the RoundFlash™ the softest roing flash choice for strobists

Lens up to 10cm / 4" diameter

RoundFlash™ fits all standard & tele lenses that can fit the internal dimension2, especially large professional portrait lenses (such as Canon 85mm f/1.2L or similar). With smaller lenses, a lens hood or a step-up ring can be helpful in keeping RoundFlash™ in place

One-fits-most Flash

RoundFlash™ fits all Body+Lens+Flash combos within the range between 3 13cm / 5,3" and 4 21cm / 8,3" measured from the lens' axis. The smart flash mount allows you to take both portrait & landscape pictures

Lens angle of view

RoundFlash™ is designed to work with standard & tele lenses. Some wide angle lenses may show vignetting. The position of the front lens is the key factor. Some lenses work properly throughout their zoom range, e.g. Canon 24-70 F/2.8L

Net weight 299g / 11 oz

(333g / 11.75 oz with the pouch)

Due to the ultra low weight, RoundFlash™ does not put any strain on your flash or lens and is hardly noticeable in your camera bag

Pouch dimensions
20cm x 16cm / 8" x 6"

No power supply

No power supply is required, the light is provided by the flash


Performance depends on the strobe used. The performance of the most powerful ones (like Canon 580EXII or Nikon SB 900) is:
ISO 400
1m/3,3ft distance
full power output

Soft & even lighting

Due to the huge dimensions and smart patent-pending construction, RoundFlash™ provides very even and soft lighting. There are no hotspots or dark areas on the front surface. The diffuser works with your speedlight to provide a perfectly soft & round light source.

    • spec img 02

Basic dimensions. 
Sample gear: Canon 5DmkII+580EXII

    • spec img 1

Body + Lens + Flash combo compatibility  
Sample gear: Canon 5DmkII + 580EXII + Canon 24-105 F/4 L IS USM

    • img specs 04 original

Size & weight comparison 
Sample gear: Canon 5DmkII+580EXII, LowePro Trekker, classic can.

    • with RoundFlash F8
    • without 16

Light performance survay with / without RoundFlash.
Photos by dermathias2.

    • light distribution

Light distribution
(underexposed, in the mirror)