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RoundFlash™ Dish

This diffuser changes a regular speedlight into a soft beauty dish, similar to a regular studio beauty dish combined with a sock diffuser. RoundFlash™ Dish is a perfect tool for headshots, portrait and still photography. Its compact construction with the mirror system inside allows you to lighten objects with directional, round, smooth flash light. The light from a powerful hot-shoe flash gun reflects in the mirror system inside and becomes a very even ring of light.

It takes a few seconds to set-up and attach the RoundFlash™ Dish on the flash. It is attached directly to the flash with a built in adjustable velcro. Without any additional stuff needed. No extra straps, brackets, screws etc. Just the RoundFlash™ Dish and your speedlight. Its ultra-lightweight construction (less then 6xAA accus!!!) and soft mount eliminate any risk of damaging or scratching the flash unit. A flash built-in wide panel helps to distribute the light evenly. You can still gel your flash.

  • Diameter 45cm \\ 17,7" Depth 22cm / 8,7" (with strap)
  • Weight 155g \\ 5,5oz Weight w. pouch 181g \\ 6,5oz
  • Pouch dimension 20cm x 16cm \\ 7" x 6"
  • Flash circ. 21,5cm ~ 26cm
  • Power output ~ F/22,7 ( Nikon SB910 , 1m distance, ISO 400 )

Worldwide Shipping 7,- Euro

We ship our RoundFlash™ diffusers worldwide by traceable registered priority mail. There is one unified shipping fee of 7,- Euro for a single RoundFlash™ purchased, regardless of where you order it from.
All multiple orders will be shipped for free.

Usual Delivery Time

RoundFlash™ is usually shipped within 48 hours (only on working days) after your order is placed. Then you will get the confirmation email & the tracking number. The delivery time within Europe is usually 4 to 10 working days, and it’s 5-12 working days to US, Canada and Hong Kong. 

Package Includes

RoundFlash™ comes in a secure, neutral bubble envelope and includes the RoundFlash™ itself in a dedicated pouch and a short manual. The invoice is emailed as a PDF file along with the confirmation.
All multiple orders will be shipped for free.

Satisfaction guaranteed

If, for any reason, you’re not satisfied with the RoundFlash™ you have purchased through this web page, please inform us about it and ship it back in unused condition within 30 days from the date of purchase and you will receive a full refund

One-Year Guarantee

RoundFlash™, the collapsible diffuser comes with one year manufacturer's warranty

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